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Retired dentist with Memphis roots sees success with tiny booze label

Posted by admin on 27th December in Pinot

When longtime Memphians accommodate Robert Turner they fundamentally ask if he is associated to a family that owned a Turner Dairy in Midtown. “I hatred to defect people,” Turner said, “but I’m not connected to that dairy business during all.” He is, however, concerned with a libation distant opposite from milk, and that’s wine. Turner, […]

Bristow’s grade ferments 30 years, helps toward state satisfactory awards – Vallejo Times

Posted by admin on 31st July in Pinot

It competence not be like remembering where we hid a buried value or found a phone series of a lady we knew in high propagandize who became a supermodel. But for Vallejo dentist John Bristow, it’s right adult there. It was 30 years ago when Bristow warranted a grade in viticulture from a University of […]

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