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C. diff — Is it a regard for dentistry?

Posted by admin on 20th December in MRSA

by Mary Govoni, CDA, RDA, RDH, MBA The media is buzzing about Clostridium difficile infections, also referred to as C. diff. These infections are occurring during an shocking rate in hospitals, and outcome in 14,000 deaths annually in a U.S. I’ve had many inquiries recently about C. diff infections and their couple to dentistry. There […]

Infection control for dental offices: Ongoing investigate into combatting MRSA

Posted by admin on 12th December in MRSA

2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 Article source:

Patients of Colo. dentist Dr. Stephen Stein urged to get tested for HIV …

Posted by admin on 17th July in MRSA

<!– –> Tweet – A A A + <!– –> CBS Denver reports that Dr. Stephen Stein might have reused needles on mixed patients between Sep 1999 and Jun 2011, potentially exposing patients to HIV, hepatitis B and/or C or other bloodborne diseases. According to a Colorado health department, Dr. Stein re-used syringes and needles […]

MRSA and Dental Students: Infections Found More Commonly In Dental Schools

Posted by admin on 3rd October in MRSA

MRSA, a drug-resistant aria of staph is being found during an shocking rate among dental students says a new study. According to researchers a germ is mostly found around a nose and on a skin creation it a primary aim for dentists who work in tighten vicinity to a face. Nasal swabs were taken during […]

Study: MRSA common among some dental students

Posted by admin on 1st October in MRSA

(WebMD)  Dental students in a Seattle investigate had really high rates of colonization with MRSA, a drug-resistant aria of staph, lifting new questions about a superiority of a germ outward of hospitals in village health caring settings. People who are colonized with MRSA lift a germ in their nose or on their skin, though they […]

Gross Out…At a Dentist

Posted by admin on 16th July in MRSA

It doesn’t take a alloy to know that a medical margin has some-more than it’s satisfactory share of germy situations — though some new commentary about germs during a dentist, in places we might not expect, could unequivocally sum we out, and might even be dangerous. While sitting in a dentist chair, gloves, masks, eyewear […]

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