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Academy of General Dentistry responds to JADA examination of midlevel providers

Posted by admin on 3rd January in mix

CHICAGO — Today, a Journal of a American Dental Association (JADA) published “A Systematic Review of Oral Health Outcomes Produced by Dental Teams Incorporating Mid-level Providers.” This examination examined a existent studies that occurred during a vast time support and directed to answer this investigate question: “In populations where nondentists control diagnostic, diagnosis planning, and/or […]

Thieves Smashing Up Vallejo Dental Offices To Steal Laughing Gas

Posted by admin on 27th October in mix

VALLEJO (CBS 5) – Vallejo Dental Offices have been targeted in new weeks by a array of smash-and-grab crimes targeting tanks of nitrous oxide. The supposed “laughing gas” is state regulated, and comes in 100 bruise tanks. It is ordinarily used during offices specializing in children’s dentistry. “It unequivocally helps a kids. It gives them […]

5 of a hottest tech trends for 2012

Posted by admin on 9th March in mix

By Brad Guyton, DDS, MBA, MPH, and Misty Absher Clark 1. Lasers abound Dental laser prices have forsaken to all-time lows. (Dentsply AMD Picasso lasers underneath $2,500 and a Phillips laser underneath $7,000). For many dentists, this cost dump — along with a peculiarity of these lasers — merits a care to purchase. While lasers […]

7 amicable media resolutions for 2012

Posted by admin on 17th January in mix

By Naomi Cooper 2011 is over and a Internet will never be a same. Over a past several years, a Web has turn increasingly interactive. Browsing has shifted from a pacifist knowledge to an active one. People are no longer calm simply to review information on a Web; they wish to attend in a discussion. […]

Local dentists take a mount opposite candy this Halloween

Posted by admin on 4th November in mix

After trick-or-treating this Halloween, children can present partial or all of their unopened candy to 4 internal dentists’ offices in lapse for $1 per bruise of candy. The rob will afterwards be taken to a Military Support Services of Alachua County, a nonprofit classification that works to yield support for internal infantry troops and their […]

OMERS Private Equity acquires Great Expressions dental centres in US

Posted by admin on 23rd October in mix

TORONTO – The investment arm of Ontario’s OMERS grant account will take a infancy interest in a Great Expressions sequence of U.S. dental centres, giving it a height for expansion in a zone it’s been perplexing to enter for years. The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System’s squeeze of an 80 per cent interest in Great […]

Are endodontists blank out when it comes to dental implants?

Posted by admin on 25th August in mix

One reported that 94% of ubiquitous practitioners surveyed had certain perceptions of endodontists, though usually referred 46% of patients who compulsory base waterway diagnosis to endodontists. In a other, a consult sent to 1,500 incidentally comparison practicing ubiquitous dentists in a U.S. found that 66% were against to endodontists fixation dental implants, and as many […]

Is Porcelain Dental Work Fragile?

Posted by admin on 25th July in mix

I’ve talked a lot in this blog about veneers, crowns, bridges, etc., and used difference like ceramics, porcelain, potion leucite, etc. But what does all of that unequivocally mean? When we contend a porcelain crown, do we meant that frail piece that has to be kept out of a child’s strech since it’ll positively mangle […]

Going down to a wire

Posted by admin on 8th July in mix

To symbol a finish of their Comenius Healthy Living Project, children and teachers from around a universe trafficked to Aberdeen and swung into action, as Jean McLeish reports. Our fish and chips and group in skirts are only some of a highlights for schoolchildren and teachers visiting Scotland from countries opposite Europe. Eighty pupils and […]

Sleep Dentistry An Option For Those With Dental Phobias

Posted by admin on 13th March in mix

Posted on 12 Mar 2011. | Posted by June Dayton Dental phobics might have an choice in nap dentistry (Image – mterraza) A outing to a dentist has turn some-more balmy for a concerned studious with a appearance of a routine famous as nap dentistry. The tenure “sleep dentistry” (also famous as “sedation dentistry”) is […]

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