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Something to grin about

Posted by admin on 16th September in medford high school

Print this Article Email this Article Buy This Photo “; aryZooms[imgCounter] = “javascript: NewWindow(870,625,window.document.location+’Template=photosimg=”+imgCounter+”‘)”; var photoCredit = “Jamie%20Lusch”; if (!photoCredit) { document.getElementById(‘purchasePhoto’).style.display = “none”; } else if (creditCheck(photoCredit)) { document.getElementById(‘purchasePhoto’).style.display = “none”; } else { document.getElementById(‘purchasePhoto’).style.display = “inline”; } bolImages=true; “; aryZooms[imgCounter] = “javascript: NewWindow(870,625,window.document.location+’Template=photosimg=”+imgCounter+”‘)”; Some 680 people perceived giveaway dental caring Friday, a initial […]

Free Dental Treatments Offered for Uninsured

Posted by admin on 19th August in medford high school

Volunteers to offer giveaway dental diagnosis for those who have no dental insurance. On Sep 14 and 15, dental professionals and copiousness of volunteers join their army to offer free dental treatments for a needy in Rogue Valley. The dual day giveaway dental hospital will work from 5:00am and u until 6:00pm during a Central […]

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