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Sedation Dentistry Gone Wild: Dentist Pulls All Ex’s Teeth

Posted by admin on 12th May in karma

Breaking adult is tough to do, generally when you’re a dentist from Poland. A creatively dumped dentist is confronting jail time after surgically stealing all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth. Apparently, dental studious Marek Olszewski stopped by ex-girlfriend Anna Machowiak’s dental use with a bad toothache only days after violation adult with her for another woman. […]

Patients smiling over giveaway dentistry

Posted by admin on 9th August in karma

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – A outing to a dentist isn’t always enjoyable, generally a check that comes after. Christina Kelly of James Lesinski Family Cosmetic Denistry said, “What we’re doing currently is giving out giveaway dentistry to anyone who would like it.” Free dentistry, in this tough economy, that sounds like a reason to smile. […]

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