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‘Genghis’ Dentistry Wins Odd Book Title

Posted by admin on 30th March in Genghis

Oddest Book Title Won By Genghis Khan Dentistry Work

Posted by admin on 30th March in Genghis

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Dictator dentistry wins peculiar pretension prize

Posted by admin on 25th March in Genghis

25.03.11 | Bookseller Staff A book advising dentists to conduct their practices according to a care techniques of a mythological Mongolian warlord has been voted a leader of a Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of a Year. Managing a Dental Practice a Genghis Khan Way by Michael R Young (Radcliffe Publishing) was crowned a […]

Genghis Khan Dentists Beat Welders, Dog Trainer in Odd Title Book Contest

Posted by admin on 25th March in Genghis

An undated handout, supposing to a media on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008, shows a book cover for ”How to equivocate outrageous ships” by John Trimmer. Source: Bookseller trade repository around Bloomberg News Genghis Khan-inspired dentists overcame welders, a Hollywood dog tutor and an Italian love child to win one of Britain’s quirkiest literary contests, the […]

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