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Sex-assault hearing dentist admits he was unethical

Posted by admin on 23rd November in co cork

A DENTIST who denies intimately assaulting a immature womanlike studious concluded it was reprobate to have conducted an hearing while alone with her in his surgery. Dr John Tait (60) has pleaded not guilty to intimately assaulting a lady — who can’t be identified for authorised reasons — during his use during St Patrick’s Terrace, […]

Dentist carried vest to display woman’s breasts, justice told

Posted by admin on 22nd November in co cork

A YOUNG lady claimed a dentist asked her to mislay her bra before unzipping her tunic and afterwards lifting her vest so that her breasts were exposed. The explain came on a opening day of a hearing of Dr John Tait (59), who denies dual depends of passionate attack outset from purported incidents 5 years […]

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