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Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution hits a open road

Posted by admin on 26th February and posted in Dentistry

NORTH HAVEN, Connecticut–Jensen Dental announced during a 2014 Chicago Midwinter assembly enhancements to a Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution.

All Preciso configurations with Preciso CAD Software now have a ability to trade STL files, and all Preciso M200 mills have a ability to indent 98-mm pucks as an accessible option.

The Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution is a validated, open complement that includes equipment, discerning program for flexibility, and a operation of materials. Included is 3M ESPE Lava materials with patron support.

Preciso is a multiple of technology, materials, support, and education. In further to 3M ESPE Lava materials, a Preciso Digital Dentistry

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