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Advanced Family Dentistry: Good Dental Health Starts with Brushing, Flossing …

Posted by admin on 28th February and posted in Dentistry

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – As Children’s Dental Health Month winds to a close, a dentists during Advanced Family Dentistry are reminding people that that there’s some-more to good dental health than only brushing your teeth twice a day.

“A vast partial of a race doesn’t floss,” pronounced Dr. John J. Nazzaro, one of dual dentists during a South Plainfield Avenue practice.  Dr. Nazzaro pronounced flossing and unchanging cleanings are pivotal to good dental health.  “That, of course, is in further to brushing twice a day.”

While some people revisit their dentists annually, Dr. Nazzaro recommends visits each 6 months.  “A cavity

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