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200 children accept giveaway caring during UNMC Children’s Dental Day

Posted by admin on 10th February in 

Last Friday, 12-year-old Billy Gaeger had to get 3 teeth pulled a day before his birthday. Billy, who trafficked 70 miles from Fairbury, was one of about 200 children from Central and Eastern Nebraska to attend University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry’s Children’s Dental Day on University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus. Billy was […]

Blooming Prairie dental hospital provides children smiles, care

Posted by admin on 10th February in 

BLOOMING PRAIRIE — When 6-year-old Savannah DeMars took her initial outing to a dentist, it didn’t work out. But her mother, Carmen DeMars, hoped Saturday’s revisit to Main Street Dental Clinic in Blooming Prairie would be better. “When she was younger a final time during a dentist didn’t work out so well. She didn’t wish […]

Dentists give giveaway caring to state’s needy children

Posted by admin on 10th February in 

Thousands of Minnesota children who do not have entrance to a dentist got a possibility to see one on Friday and Saturday as partial of a 12th annual Give Kids A Smile module from a Minnesota Dental Association. Since a eventuality began, Minnesota dentists, dental assistants and hygienists have supposing giveaway caring to scarcely 50,000 […]

Straight Teeth Talk: Modern dentistry changes patients’ options for healthy smile

Posted by admin on 10th February in 

By Mac Lee Originally published Feb 4, 2014 during midnight, updated Feb 4, 2014 during midnight Infections in other tools of a physique customarily means pain, annoy and concern. Not so in a mouth. Pain customarily doesn’t start until a late theatre of spoil and resin disease, and when it does, it hits hard, quick […]

Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of a Week: To Brush First or Floss First, that …

Posted by admin on 10th February in 

Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of a Week: To Brush First or Floss First, that is a Question Details Published on Wednesday, 05 Feb 2014 16:26 Written by Super User So we all flattering most know by now that we need to brush, floss and rinse during slightest twice a day for an effective verbal hygiene […]

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