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Dentists Neil Dobro and Stephen Stein in Battle Over Disturbing Allegations

Posted by admin on 9th November and posted in Dentistry

DENVER (CN) – A dentist’s story of “getting high before behaving surgeries” and reusing needles busted his partner’s dental practice, a partner claims in court.     

Neil G. Dobro, D.M.D., sued Stephen M. Stein, D.D.S., in Denver County Court.     

Dobro claims Stein secluded his uneasy story to convince Dobra to form a New Image Dental Implant Center with him.    

Eventually, Dobro says, he unclosed unfortunate allegations about his partner, including that a Colorado Dental Board had recently “voted to summarily postpone Dr. Stein’s permit to use dentistry.”     

“Among other things, Mr. Stein had been hidden drugs from patients and Dr. Dobro satisfied that Mr. Stein

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