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Free Dental/Medical/Social Service Clinic

Posted by admin on 10th April and posted in Dental Offices

Posted Monday, Apr 9, 2012 — 9:20 a.m.

Press Release:

What: Free Dental/Medical/Social Service Clinic

When: This Saturday, Apr 14th

Where: Calvary Gospel Church 5301 Commercial Ave. Madison, WI

Services embody though are not singular to: Dental (offered by MEA, First Choice Dental, Dental Health Associates, Robb Warren Family Dentistry, Prosthodontics of Madison, Hartjes Family Dental and Madison Family Dental), Medical care, chiropractic care, massages (Tibia), food share focus assistance, clothing, prohibited meal, food cupboard services, laptop correct (ITT Tech) and most more!

(Madison, WI) Apr 9, 2012—Haven’t been to see a dentist in years since of finances

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